Diamond Head Beach
@ O’ahu, Hawaii
Photo by Fred Lin

FRED LIN 林立翔 - A 21st Century Renassance Man

Renaissance man (noun) Re | nais | sance man “A man with many talents or areas of knowledge.” source

Fred Lin is a creative artist from Singapore.
Since 2007, he has lived in the bustling and rapidly growing metropolis of Shanghai.

Creative and curious at heart. Fred’s curiosity had often led him to question how things were created or achieved. Paired with a creative resolve, these virtues have led him to learn a variety of skills and in turn, created a multitude of works - from published recording albums to e-commerce platforms, from initial design sketches to the final semi-colon of code.

Fred embarked on his journey in Shanghai to become a sought-after web designer and front-end developer after leaving his Music Production job in 2008, giving up his adolescent dream of becoming a pop star.

Since then, Fred has taken on various roles encompassing various diverse fields of interests.


Fred Lin’s eye for design has empowered him to become a well regarded graphic designer and a highly sought after user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) specialist.

Fred Lin had single-handedly designed the user interfaces (UI) for digital advertising firm, Avazu Inc’s many end-user advertising platforms. In 2014, Fred revitalised the entire corporate identity of Avazu Inc with his new position as Head of Creative.

Fred Lin has designed and built over 50 websites, and in his earlier days, countless banners and promotional materials both print and screen for clients in Shanghai as well as globally.

In addition to his appointment as Head of Creative at Avazu Inc, Fred Lin currently runs FLINT Creative, his own digital creative agency in Shanghai.

Various websites that Fred has designed and/or developed.
Fred designed the Logo for this hugely successful restaurant chain in Shanghai
Fred is responsible for the corporate identity as well as many of the creative work for advertising firm, Avazu Inc.


One of Fred Lin’s earliest projects in Shanghai was designing and developing the front-end code for nightlife social network, City Moments.

Since then, Fred Lin has grown exponentially in his thirst for knowledge to become an all rounded web designer and developer, mastering the nuances of web design and fronted development, while attaining a solid grasp of backend development with PHP.

The learning never stops, and keeps growing as technology advances;
Transitioning from table-websites to Flash Websites to Semantic HTML/CSS to Responsive Web Design.
From online booking systems to self sustaining e-commerce platforms.
CSS3, SASS, jQuery, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Laravel, Gulp, Node.js, RWD, the list of technologies go on.

One of Fred’s most ambitious development project to date: Minipopup is a self-sustaining social fashion platform that allows fashion bloggers to choose from hundreds of thousands of products, and implement an e-commerce store on their own blogs.
Wild Flounder Meunière
@ The Girl & The Fig, Sonoma, CA
Photo by Fred Lin


Growing up with 2 cantonese parents in Singapore has made Fred a natural foodie.

Starting out in Shanghai with very little income had spured him to learn to cook, initially only to survive.

Over time, Fred realised his newfound joy of cooking. Together with inspiration and motivation from chef Gordon Ramsays’ online videos and a rapidly growing foodie trend and awareness around the world, Fred started attaining a huge interest in cooking and the finer points of food. Till this day, Fred is constantly reading on the latest food and restaurant developments around the world, trying out and comparing new and famous restaurants, experimenting new recipes in the kitchen while whipping up familiar ones for dinner parties.

In 2013, he started his food blog, The Shanghai Kid, aimed at sharing his eating experiences - mostly in Shanghai.

Fred hopes to become an respected food consultant and a successful restauranteer some day.

Fred Lin, 2008
Photo by Ozzie Su


Fred Lin was once an accomplished musician, having published piano albums under Warner Music Singapore. He plays the violin, piano and guitar, and is well versed in all aspects of music production, particularly music arranging.

Fred started violin lessons for over 7 years from a tender age, and subsequently taught himself to play the piano using his brother’s piano at home from 13 years old.

Being an avid vocalist from an early age, Fred was the youngest member of his church’s adult choir in his early teens. He later studied Speech Level Singing (the singing method that Michael Jackson practised) under Daniel Singh. Eventually, Fred started composing his own songs, drawing heavy influence from the pop icons of the 90s both in the western and asian cultures.

Fred Lin began his professional music career composing musicals in Singapore. His passion led him to self learn many of the mechanics of music production from books, magazines and countless hours of trial and error; From composing a tune, to writing the lyrics, arranging the music, mixing, mastering, recording. Fred has worked with and helped many similar aspiring music enthusiasts; Some of them are masters of their fields in the music industry today.

Listen to some of Fred Lin’s works from the player below. For his full range of works and discography, visit http://music.fred-lin.com

Pan-Seared Scallops
@ The Commune Social, Shanghai
Photo by Fred Lin


Fred’s first serious encounters with photography began when he left Singapore. Initially only to document his travels, Fred had since progressed from a compact zoom camera to his trusty Olympus EM-5 with a multitude of lenses.

His favourite subjects of photography are travel, street, landscape and food photography.

The highlights of his photographic journey were his vacation in Bali and Honeymoon in Hawai’i.

While he cannot claim to be an expert, photography remains as one of Fred’s strongest interests as it allows him to freeze a beautiful moment/object in time, and treasure it forever.

Fred continues to read and learn new ways of becoming a better photographer.


Fred started FLINT Creative, a digital creative agency in Shanghai, in fall 2013.
Handling all aspects of managing a company, from finances to human resource, to the actual creative work and servicing.
His goal was to cultivate a team of like minded talents, while providing a greater, more complete creative service for his global clientele.

In December 2014, Fred fulfilled one of his wishes -- opening a restaurant of his own, together with his wife: Hello Miss Dong. Showcasing Singaporean dishes passed down to him by his mother, as well as personal creations, the restaurant quickly grew in popularity for great food and heartfelt service, despite the spacial constraints of a small shop-space. Fred literally conceptualized and created the entire restaurant, from the interior design, to the menu planning, graphic design, branding, concept and strategy, recipes and kitchen processes.

Fred is currently learning new skills, venturing into the mobile application field to challenge himself. Stay tuned for more products and ideas.

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